Saturday, October 24, 2020

Project Hindsight 2020

After a decade or more, any website will have a host of issues to address such as archaic third-party code (I have a load of that from YouTube) or broken links (plenty of those too). This gives me an opportunity to also read over old articles and see if I can (or need) to update them in terms of factual matter, new academic insights, and other miscellany (such as news of various opponents who have either quit the online field or are deceased).

I may as well have a name for this project: Project Hindsight 2020. Among other things, I will also be transferring items from other locations (like this blog, or the E-Block) into the main Tekton website, and I will also be asking guest writers for updates on their material. In some cases, if I no longer can get in touch with a guest writer, I will delete their material until I hear from them.

I expect Project Hindsight 2020 to occupy me through...well...the end of 2020. It's also all part of making sure that Tekton materials are ready for a transition to someone else's management at such time as that becomes needed -- probably not for at least another 20-30 years, but you never know.

Added 10/31: As part of this project, you will begin to see some old entries vanish from this blog as I transplant them to Tekton's website. 

Added 11/14: I have completed the process of transplanting all of my own writings from the Ticker (and Forge) to the Tekton website. Only a few items by me will remain on these blogs, as they were deemed more practical to keep here. I am now in the process of notifying guest writers of the option to review their material from here before I transplant it. Meanwhile, on the Tekton website itself, I have removed a few items for various reasons (such as the item I was responding to no longer being online) and fixed broken links. I will now begin the process of editing/updating articles.

Added 5/28/21: Editing and updating articles has become a far more mammoth project than anticipated. It is fair to say that I forgot the sheer volume of material that had been produced. I have been checking articles alphabetically by file name, and I am just now at the halfway point.

Added 11/7/21: I have completed updating all articles and have also created  companion vids for all the articles I believe I possibly can. I am now working on updating e-books.

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