Monday, July 8, 2013

Irrefutable Claims? Part 5

Now it’s time for the atheist critic’s “red flag” #5:

5)…100% FACT: the gospels are overflowing (jam packed) with what we call SCI-FI material (like superhero comic books) (voice coming from the sky, a guy floating up into the heavens, zombies breaking from their graves and marching into a major city, a flesh and bone man vanishing into thin air [puff, gone], etc, etc, etc) …RED FLAG!!!! 

There’s not much of substance here. This is simply the usual distillation of Hume’s arguments, which have been repeatedly addressed by this ministry, as well as by others like the philosopher John Earman.

To that extent, I would reply by saying what Hume’s contemporaries said to him, and reworking it as though I were a tropical prince of Hume’s day:

100% FACT: the accounts of Shackleton, Amundsen, and other so-called “Arctic/Antarctic explorers” are overflowing (jam packed) with what we call SCI-FI material (like superhero comic books) (water turning into solid material, bears with white fur, flightless birds that swim in the water [splash, gone], etc, etc, etc)…RED FLAG!!!!

I might have said more, but in the past few days, I caught our atheist in lie. He claimed the following:

In fact Justin Breierley (of Unbelievable) said on live air a few months ago that a caller wanted me, (******), to be flown to Oxford to do debates because the people they had were so BORING!

I asked in reply, once:

Would you mind giving us a link on that, and the date of the show? It seems a lot of people are not remembering that one. Thanks!

(You wouldn’t LIE to us, would you?)
When he did not reply, I asked again a couple of days later.

That was over two weeks ago. Since then, he has not made an appearance on the blog site in question.

I wonder why.

Nick Peters also replies.

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