Monday, April 29, 2013

Application Questions, Part 3

The last set of questions from our reader of DANT:
 Would doing things that cause weaker Christians to stumble in private be acceptable?

We should first note that “stumble” in this case means to cause to apostasize. That said, the answer would have to be yes, if you can be assured it will remain private.

What do you make of Jesus saying to invite not your friends, but the lesser of society? Is Jesus against inviting friends over for dinner?

In today’s society, no – invitations such as these were sent to accrue honor, not for the sake of socialization, as in today’s society.

 In terms of giving, how do we define what is "sacrificial"? Does each social class have different levels of responsibility in this regard?

Yes. As I note, comparison is made by Paul to the distribution of manna. This would indicate that the level of “sacrificial” will very widely (in terms of amount given) according to what each person possesses.

What if I am not currently involved in a ministry of my church directly per se, but I do other things in ministry outside of church?

The main concern is to serve the Body of Christ – which means service does not have to be tied to your local fellowship of attendance, though of course if you can give them “first dibs,” that would be a great expression of ingroup loyalty!

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