Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Cleopatra Conspiracy...Does This Sound Familiar?

For today's post, we have a link pointed to us by TWeb user "OneBadPig," which is a scathing review, written by an expert in classics and history, of an amateurish work of history rewriting the story of Cleopatra. Check it out and see how many phrases sound like the sort of thing we say here all the time. Like:
Outside of the lack of a scholarly approach, Brown’s chief  ‘sin’, as it were, is in looking at Cleopatra’s death almost solely through the eyes of a 21st century criminal profiler who seems to think the ancients were “just like us” and that ancient historians like Plutarch were writing about events in such a way that they could substitute for a modern police crime scene report. What’s worse, is she seems to think that the ‘Hollywood’ or Shakespearean view of Cleopatra’s demise is the one which is generally accepted by “historians”, who are held up as nameless strawfolk on a fairly regular basis. More than that, she spends an awful lot of time not believing anything Plutarch says, sometimes for good reasons, but more often for questionable ones to paradoxically bolster her own baseless speculations.

To add to the ironic shame, the publisher of this nonsense is none other than....yep. Prometheus Press, the leading atheist publisher. Nice to know they're publishing crackpot junk on stuff other than Christianity.


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