Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Book Snap: James Dunn's "Did the First Christians Worship Jesus?"

I'm not able to review this one with the depth that I would like, because I'm missing much of the "other side" of the conversation: A lot of the material Dunn addresses -- by Bauckham and Hurtado -- is stuff I haven't read, although one of my contributors (styled "Wildcat") has, and has written reviews for me.

The sum of it is that Dunn thinks these others have slightly overstated the depth to which Jesus was worshipped in the early church. He was worshipped, just a little, but mostly, Dunn says, he was treated as a mediating figure. Well, okay -- that I knew.  Beyond that, Dunn is his usual self, though less so than usual, sometimes pulling back from rather obvious conclusions for no real reason other than that he thinks there's room for doubt under the rubric of speculation.

Perhaps I'll have "Wildcat" look at this one later and give a more informed opinion.

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