Friday, June 15, 2012

Seven Reasons -- Part 3

Now it's time for the last three items on Piatt's list.
We're Skeptical. If you're expecting someting here about, say, arguments against the Resurrection -- wrong. This one's about how Piatt's generation finds itself bombarded by informtion, especially advertising, everywhere, and Piatt speaks of the "amount of energy filtering things out." So, because of this, they are "always assuming that whoever is trying to get your attention wants something, just like everyone else."
It's nice to know that Piatt has become so shallow that he cannot see any distinction between a pizza commercial and a message of grave spiritual import, and as become so undisciplined of mind that he can't shut out the trivialities. 
Here's a solution from someone who has written a great deal on the subject: Drop the cell phone, quit texting, and read more.

We're Exhausted. Piatt observes that so many of his generation are going to college now, and that "the baseline standard for family economics requires a two-income revenue stream to live in any level of the middle class." Then there's all that time they spend on marriage and kids. With all that, "[w]e always running a deficit. So when you ask me to set aside more time and more money for church, you're trying to tap already empty reserves."
How droll. I wonder how most people before 1800 got by having to spend most of the day out in the field working, and without the benefit of things like television, Net surfing, soccer and dance practice for the kids, and eating out 3 nights a week. I also wonder how Christians in the Sudan find time for worship with all that persecution going on. As above, the answer is: Get rid of the fluff.

I Don't Get It. Here a quote speaks pretty much for itself: "From what I can tell from the outside, there's not much relevance to my life in [church], and I'm not about to take the risk of walking through the door to find out otherwise."
Hmm. Self-centered, oblivious, and ungrateful. The obvious answer: Don't be that way! Of course, I'm the first to admit that churches have failed on this, too to some extent, but it also doesn't help that the likes of Piatt come to church expecting to be entertained and not challenged.
I'd have to say that "I don't get it" ought to be in the Bible -- so that Piatt can take it as his "life verse".


  1. Heck JPH. You know my financial situation. We're broke with no income coming in at the time and having to count on both sets of parents for now to help us out, and yet we make time for church. When we have money come in such as a large donation, we give some to the church. I go to the library and I order books there and do all my reading.

    Piatt is just lazy.

  2. @Nick Indeed so. I've used a comparison to Christians in Sudan but even here there are plenty of lower income, elderly, disabled, and/or otherwise disadvantaged people who put Piatt and his complaining to shame.

  3. That is pretty pathetic. "Oh our lives are just so stressful, our money is tight, there's too much information, and the church is too scary."

    Oh you poor thing, here let me get a bible to thump you with lol.