Friday, June 1, 2012

Book Snap: Chris Hallquist's "UFOs, Ghosts, and a Rising God"

No -- there's not much to this title.  My past dealings with Hallquist (link below) showed him to be a shallow thinker and researcher who relies in the main on collections of slogans and canards that he picks as seeds from somewhere else. Here, you could sum up the contents fairly quickly as a mixture of attempts at Hume resuscitated (despite the corpse having been rotted away, and never mind the criticisms of him that are out there); the easiest-to-refute or most outlandish Christian apologetics arguments, refuted and/or exposed (e.g., Vardaman's micro-letters); standard, sloganeered summary positions of arguments that could easily be refuted (e.g., the anonymity of the Gospels); and a collection of UFO stories presented as psychological counterpoints to suggest that Gospel stories are the same sort of thing. It's nothing new, and it's all thrown together haphazardly, as though someone chewed up the Secular Web, and then, after digesting most of it, threw up on a word processor.

There's nothing for me to refute specifically; it's all either stuff I have already refuted, or stuff I wouldn't have argued in the first place.  The sum of it is that Hallquist, as before, represents the best in self-assured (yet badly informed) Skepticism on the market today.



  1. What are Vardaman's micro-letters? I haven't heard of them until now.

  2. Jerry Vardaman claimed to have found very tiny letters etched into certain artifacts that supposedly gave some sort of message. I haven't looked into it that deeply but too much seems to be made of it.

  3. The bottom line is that Hallquist is garbage and its unfortunate that you dignified this sophomoric, solopsistic winer with a response. His Patheos bio says it all: "disillusioned with academic philosophy," he dropped out of school to pursue his own undisciplined non-academic philosophy. And now he's pushing this self-congratulatory, self-referential fan fiction about how atheism has already "won" and so there is nothing left to discuss (yet he doesn't shut up). He has basically taken a typical GNU atheist/proto-neckbeard's combox rant and tried to somehow stretch that out into a money making enterprise (complete with the obligatory self-declaration of victory at the end). Hee is the posterchild for what happens event marginal intellects are allowed to overeducate themselves with no practical goal. If he was doing anything else.besides spreading the "goood news" of atheism , his philosophical prowess would be laughed at and would give him second thought.