Friday, May 4, 2012

Wyland's Whine

For today's Ticker I am linking to an item on the site posted with permission, in which Tim McGrew -- with annotations added by Tekton contributor W. R. Miller -- takes on a critique of Simon Greenleaf. It is in PDF format.

The Ticker may be off for a day or two next week as I go through some USDA training.



  1. Gratitude to both Tim McGrew and W.R. Miller!


  2. So I forwarded this URL to Kenny Wyland ( and he proceeded to email back every expletive in the book...and told me to never email him again or I'd be sorry (again, with more e-swearing). I emailed back and said I'd oblige if he'd simply ask nicely without calling me every name under the he "made good" on his threat and proceeded to sign my email address up for multiple straight/gay porn sites. What a stand-up guy.