Friday, April 27, 2012

April 2012 E-Block

All of the items this time are continuations of a prior series, so there won't be a lot to describe in detail.

The Paul Fan Club II: Part 2 --A series looking at another Paul-hater, Craig Winn, and his book Questioning Paul. 

Mythicism Out in the Wash, Redux -- A return engagement with material in Earl Doherty's Jesus Neither God Nor Man. 

Persevering in Madness -- A defense of our TULIP findings, Part 4 and last. 

Altered Stakes -- A discussion of claims that the Resurrection appearances were the effect of "altered states of consciousness".

Journey Through Orthodoxy -- Part 2 of a series looking at Eastern Orthodoxy. 

Avalos vs America, Part 2 -- Guest writer W. R. Miller tackles Hector Avalos' claims on American history. In Word format. 

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