Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Storm Beginneth: Ehrman's "Did Jesus Exist"

No, this is not a copy is on the way. But given that Ehrman tackles the big name mythicists, I wanted to get some advance notice out to a thread I started on TheologyWeb on the book.

I'm hoping that someone at some point -- maybe Justin from Unbelievable, or my friends at Amador Christian Center -- will set up a debate between Ehrman and one of the major name mythicists (whether Price, Carrier, or Humphries). It would be more fun than a wrestling match.


  1. Except that with Unbelievable, its supposed to be the show that gets Christians and non-Christians talking. But in that case it would be non-Christians and non-Christians talking (well, except Justin himself, so maybe that would serve to keep it in the format). Although it would be enjoyable!

  2. That'd be OK because on this one Ehrman is on the Christian side.

    My own review of DJE will be up here tomorrow.

  3. Hey, can I email Justin from Unbelievable to ask him to have an episode of that podcast that has a debate between Bart D. Ehrman and Kenneth Humphreys on the historical existence of Jesus?

    1. I suggested that once before. Might not hurt to try again.