Friday, March 23, 2012

March 2012 E-Block

I've received my copy of Ehrman's Did Jesus Exist? and will have a review up Monday here on the Ticker. (So far -- no -- it's nowhere near as thorough as Shattering the Christ Myth.) For now, here's the skinny on the newest E-Block:

The Paul Fan Club 2, Part 1 -- Back in 2009 I dealt a blow to Dougls del Tondo, one of a breed businessman named Craig Winn, who spends his time these days composing long, threatening sermons on the same subject, which are interspersed with the occasional argument -- which, now and then, actually comes out a bit coherent. I just looked at his intro and first two chapters this time -- which took up 71 typed pages. The man can talk, but his arguments are worse than del Tondo's when he gets to them.

Irresistibly Disgraced -- Continuing a series where I respond to a shamed and unnamed critic of my TULIP series, he has yet more gaffes in reply to my material on the I petal. As in previous entries there are times when he doesn't even get my arguments right -- and this time he even extends the same courtesy to Bruce Malina.

Nor the Bart -- In a recent book, a scholar took a closer look at Bart Ehrman's claims regarding Matthew 24:36. Here I distill a popular summary of that scholar's essay.

Purtian Files, Part 3 -- the entry this time is a twofer: William Guthrie and John Winthrop. One is a guide to Christian behavior, the other a book on how to be sure you're saved. Didn't find any real problems, just a few observations.

Journey Through Orthodoxy, Part 1 -- a longtime reader who is a member of Eastern Orthodoxy suggested I have a look at some of their works and investigate it. So, I picked up an Linkitem by John Romanides which outlines some key Orthodox doctrines. Romanides is more of an expositor than an apologist, so he didn't really defend Orthodox doctrines. However, he offered enough for me to lay out some initial considerations.

Avalos vs America, Part 1 -- guest writer W. R. Miller tackles some of Hector Avalos' claims about Christianity among the Founding Fathers.

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