Monday, February 20, 2012

January-February 2012 E-Block

Here's the rundown for the latest E-Block, just loaded today.

On the Binding of Satan -- A reader asked me to have a look at an article that disputes the contention that Satan ws bound in the first century -- as preterists suppose. But as it turns out, the article is disputing something other than preterism; rather, it was a answering an entirely different view. Still, it was useful for some "teachable moments" about different eschatological views of Revelation.

The Slave Chains, Special Edition -- While reading for another project, I came across Jennifer Glancy's book Slavery in Early Christianity. It's a fairly decent and quite informative tone, but a bit tendentious when it comes to trying to find problems. In this case, we have a look at Glancy's attempts to discern loopholes in New Testament teachings about slavery -- particularly, when it comes to the sexual use of slaves. In the Roman world, as in slaveholding America, slaves were also considered sexual playthings for their owners. But did the New Testament tolerate or even encourage this? Glancy says, "maybe so." I say, "no" and find that Glancy strains some evidence and ignores other evidence.

Unconditional Election -- Round 2 in a series where I look at criticisms of my material on TULIP by a source that shall remain shamed by being unnamed. This time though, the critic ignored 99% of what I said, and also presumed to align me wholly with Molinism based on just a few sentences of mine -- big mistake.

The Puritan Files -- John Owen. Back in the day, writers were long-winded and wordy, and no one minded a bit. I took a look at two and a half of Owen's works, and found only a few issues worth serious discussion -- which included some seeds of some of our problems in the American church today.
Remnants of Romulus -- Recently, John Loftus happily posted results from a scholar who claimed there were detailed parallels between the ascension of Jesus and that of the Roman hero Romulus. The scholar, though, is from the wacky Claremont school (Jesus Seminar and Burton Mack country), so as you might expected, the results are badly overstated and sometimes unreliable.

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