Friday, December 23, 2011

Geisler's Demand

Word has reached me through several channels that Norman Geisler isn't happy about Geisler's Christmas Carol and wants it taken down.

Oh dear. That's unfortunate.

But I'm not without sympathy for him. I'll be glad to do so...under the following conditions:

1) That he makes it so that Mike Licona is restored to his positions at SES and NAMB.

2) That he reimburse the speaking fees Licona lost in the interim and get him re-invited to any engagements still ahead (as well as any others like Habermas and Copan who were disinvited from events).

3) That he publicly apologize for dealing with this matter in an unscholarly way.

4) That he answers my challenge about Greco-Roman bioi (see earlier Ticker entry).

5) That he puts back all challenges to him that were posted on his Facebook page.

6) That he attend the scholarly conclave Licona was proposing.

7) And, while we're at it, I also want Geisler to videotape himself doing a triple backflip while wing-walking an SR-71 going at Mach 3. If I take down that vid, I have to replace it with something people will want to watch; and I figure since I'm asking the impossible of Geisler already, I might as well take it to the hilt.

Merry Christmas, everyone.

Especially you, Dr. Geisler.


The Ticker will be off until Wednesday.


  1. YES! Geisler is now owned. He is in a corner and flailing! Excellent JP, do not back down! Those of us who value critical scholarship and learning are sick of all that Geisler represents.

    I will never purchase a book with his name on it now. I will never present him in a good light when I speak to other Christians about him. This negative episode is a repeated event, and reflects very highly on his whole career and life to be honest. As you have pointed out JP. In other words he has not learned to be an ambassador for Christ, but rather for his own interpretation above others. How pitiful. Typical... but still pitiful.

  2. All things are possible through Christ if you just have faith JP. LOL