Monday, August 29, 2011

Book Snap: James Beilby's "Thinking About Christian Apologetics"

James Beilby's Thinking About Christian Apologetics is perhaps the most thorough book of its kind that I have seen: An introduction to the history and principles of apologetics, definitions of what it is (and is not), what kinds of apologetics can be done (e.g, evidential, presuppositional), the philosophical basis for apologetics, the Biblical basis for apologetics, and even answers to claims that it is an unbiblical or ineffective practice.

To that extent, I'd call this a textbook on apologetics, and while I do not agree with every particular within the book, it's just the sort of thing you will want to read if you think apologetics is something you may want to get into, either as a hobby or as a ministry. Highly recommended.

I got an advance copy, but it will be out November 2011.

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