Friday, August 19, 2011

August 2011 E-Block

Here's a sum of what's in the new issue:

The Musicians' Gambits -- Phillips, Craig and Dean. These guys are Oneness Pentacostal ministers and there's a lot of concern about that, but as it turns out, you can barely tell it from their music. We need to be more concerned about the bad "too close to God" theology they're pushing instead.

Ghosts of End Times Future, Part 4 -- Last of a series on the heresy of full preterism. This time I look at some abuses of the book of Zechariah. Non sequiturs galore again.

A Ride in the Reconstruction Zone, Part 2 -- I read half of one of R. J. Rushdoony's monster-sized books for this one (it has 1100 pages) and couldn't find anything that seriously objectionable (except maybe to wimps like the guy in the next entry).

The Emergent Gurus, Part 5 -- A new and urgent one this time -- Carl Medearis. I picked up his book The Art of Non-Evangelism and was appalled by what I found. Not that it should surprise us -- Medearis' "just point to Jesus" method of evangelism is just the natural result of us giving too much ground to opponents of the faith long ago.

The Elite Set - Is Christianity anti-elitist? Or does it actually have an elitist component?The inspiration for this was a book by Stan Telchin in which he railed against what he perceived as "elitism" in Messianic Judaism. The problem is that what he sounds just like the people who C. S. Lewis referred to who want "democracy" in daily life. Like it or not -- there IS a stratified aspect to the Christian life and our identity in Christ.

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