Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fitzgerald Nailed

I don't indeed have time for a substantial post today, but do have time to note another review of David Fitzgerald's horrible Christ-myth manifesto, Nailed. This one is by Tim O'Neill, a Skeptic with little patience for bad scholarship (especially Christ mythers). Enjoy.


  1. Hello Mr Holding,

    David Fitzgerald has posted a long response to Tim O'Neill's review, you might want to check it:

    (Then again, you might not, because it's not a very impressive reply.)

  2. I suspect O'Neill will want a crack at it. For my part, I may jus wait and turn Fitzgerald into a cartoon. He'd make a good one.

  3. And so he does. Here's O'Neill's reply to Fitzgerald, which you'll likely enjoy:

  4. Hey J.P.? Maybe Tim O' Neill should review the laughably bad book The Christ Conspiracy.