Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pro-Slavery Arguments: They Stink!

I haven't got as much time as usual today, so I thought I'd make today's Ticker post a brief one on my readings in the pro-slavery work of John Hopkins. As has been noted, I'm evaluating pro- and anti-slavery literature and checking to see what their arguments on the Bible should have convinced 19th century readers was the truth about slavery.

My last subject, abolitionist Henry Drisler, knocked the pro-slavery arguments into next week with scholarship that be fairly good even by 21st century standards.

Hopkins? So far I've seen him defend one of his defeated arguments from the Bible by turning it into a "racial superiority" argument instead, and use some very shoddy research by another pro-slavery advocate involving some sloppy and disingenuous textual criticism, that even in the 19th century involved readers would have been aware of.

So far, the pro-slavery side sounds more like atheists I deal with in the way they misuse the Bible -- and the way they are dishonest about sources.

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