Monday, March 7, 2011

Book Snap: Robert Peterson's "Hell on Trial"

Hello everyone, from the jury pool room, where I have survived 4 rounds without being called yet...and where the computers are at least 30 years old. But I do get to do an entry here which represents the first of several of this type to come where I comment on the book I am reading for the next Building Blocks book, on doctrine.

I took Peterson's Hell on Trial with me to stay busy while waiting, but it didn't last me long -- because since I had used the book for my article on annihilationism years ago, I just needed to check it for stuff on the literalness of hell's flames, etc. Um, surprise -- Peterson tends towards my own "metaphor" view with that, though he does repeatedly say that "weeping and gnashing of teeth" means pain (it means shame, actually). So I didn't find anything I could use for the book. Rats.

So, nothing new for the book on this one. And even worse, I can't even put a pic of the cover up as I usually would, because these computers are so darned messed up I'm scared to open a new broswer. Ewwww.

We'll see if I'm back at work for Tekton tomorrow.

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