Tuesday, February 8, 2011

January 2011 E-Block

As it turns out, I have just a little time (no, actually I don't!) for a quick post on something I forgot -- comments on the January 2011 E-Block.

Popular Preachers Past, Part 1: Arthur Pink's Pink Wall of Text -- New series where I profile popular teachers from the past. Pink's a real case of textual boredom -- I don't know what people see in this guy.

Talk Like the Animals -- Critics make a big deal over passages in the Bible where animals (or other non-human objects) "talk". Is the fuss warranted? Not really. It's not like it's unexplainable -- in more ways than one.

The Vocabulary Statistics Fallacy -- Critics sometimes try to deny authorship of Biblical documents based on word counts and vocabulary. It's a really silly way to decide authorship, especially since there were important factors in the Biblical world that make judgments on that basis questionable.

Ghosts of End Times Present, Part 6: Mark Hitchcock's MacGuffin City -- Hitchcock is a well known dispensational author, and doesn't offer much new, but he has a special focus on the necessity of Babylon being literally rebuilt, which (as a preterist) I'd have need to address.

The King James Konundrum, Part 1 -- I team with guest writer Rodney Wyrick for my first look at KJV Onlyism. Frankly I was astonished by the...well depth of ignorance in these guys' arguments. Maybe I shouldn't have been.

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