Monday, February 28, 2011

February 2011 E-Block

The new E-Block is up – here’s what’s in store:

Popular Preachers Past, Part 2: Charles Spurgeon's Spiritual Comfort Food –I figured Spurgeon would be dull, and he was. But not as bad as I figured, and it was more interesting to discover that in him were the seeds of a lot of our modern problems in Western Christianity. He’d fit right in with today’s popular writers like Lucado and Swindoll.

Atheism's Benny Hinns -- Do atheists really think miracles are impossible? No, they don’t. The very things they deride as impossible in the Bible, they believe could be possible in reality. Where? Find out here.

The Slave Chains, Part 1 – John Loftus was complaining lately that God should have made it more clear that slavery was wrong. In this series, in which we look at pro- and anti-slavery literature of America, we’ll find out whether God made the Bible clear enough so that American chattel slavery should have been recognized as wrong. The answer for Part 1 at least is that He did. The featured writer this time is abolitionist author (and Biblical scholar of his time) Henry Drisler.

The King James Konundrum, Part 2 – The second and last of a series with Rodney Wyrick in which we examine the arguments of King James Onlyism.

Ministering to Cult Members -- This is the text of a talk I did at my local church, to a group of counselors who wanted to know how to deal with people who had been trapped by cults. Just general advice, as opposed to examination of specific cults (we did do some of that in Q and A).

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