Thursday, November 4, 2010

Special Alert: Mike Licona's "The Resurrection of Jesus"

In Michael Crichton’s book Congo, wild gorillas had been trained to fight off interlopers with a unique form of weaponry: Two paddles, one held in each hand. They would aim for the interlopers’ heads from each side, and – well, you can guess from there; it was their new rendition of “banana split”!

How’d you like something like that for taking on Skeptics of the Resurrection? You can have it.

A couple of months back, Tekton gave you one paddle with Defending the Resurrection. Now, thanks to apologist extraordinaire Mike Licona, you have the other: The Resurrection of Jesus. I had a few sneak peeks at this as it was in progress, and knew it would be a blockbuster – because I know very well that the average Skeptic can’t handle this level of detail. Nor can the above-average ones, but that’s another story.

It’s 718 pages, so dig in and chow down. In a few weeks we’ll have a more depth review by ministry associate Nick Peters. Mike and I cover some of the same ground, but we each go into depth on many topics the other does not, so take this one out into the jungle with you and have a smashing good time giving Skeptics a splitting headache.

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  1. i just got it, and so far its very very good.