Friday, January 9, 2015

Bigger Barns Update

In the interest of fairness I'm going to devote today's post to an update on a prior post here.

Here's what I wrote back in August:

This is a story of three buildings.
The first one is on a corner lot less than a mile from my home. It’s an unfinished concrete-block structure, surrounded by weeds, and it’s been that way for a while – a year or more. 
It started out as just an empty lot, and one day a sign popped up: “GOD DID IT!” For a while we weren’t sure what it was God had done (Mowed the weeds? Fertilized them? Picked up the trash?), until another sign popped up indicating that a local church was growing an expected to expand there soon. OK, I figured, that’s nice.
The lot stayed that way for a year or more, longer. 
Then someone started doing some construction. Concrete blocks began to pile up in the shape of a building. A new sign appeared naming a pastor.
Then it all stopped. And it’s been stuck at “bare concrete block” stage for more than a year now. The sign naming the pastor disappeared. A new one naming a different pastor popped up. And that’s where it stands as of today.
Well, in the last month or two, some things have changed on this. They've made significant progress on this building; it's now to the point where they've painted the outside. They also had a revival meeting on the grounds.

I'm not saying this changes my basic point in the post, especially since the other two projects mentioned remain with little or no progress. But I do feel I should be fair and let everyone know that this particular one, at least, is getting closer to completion.


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