Thursday, July 3, 2014

Book Snap: "Urban Apologetics"

Here's yet another gateway apologetics book, and it has a very good special niche which you can discern from the title. Brooks is writing to those who wish to minister in inner city settings. The urban apologist may not get very far in such settings with a 10 point argument for the Resurrection; at least not until they've first addressed things like social issues important to urban dwellers, such as poverty. As some have observed, there are times in apologetics where you have to come to people on a human level first. 

The incoming reader may look at the chapters and think, "Gee, this guy is all over the place on topics." He's not, really: I haven't ministered in inner cities, but as a former state prison employee, I met plenty of inmates from that sort of region, and I can assure you that each chapter is relevant, even the one that talk about various cults of Islam.

So, if you think inner city ministry is in your future -- give this one a whirl.

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