Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Book Snap: Rick Mattson's "Faith is Like Skydiving"

Rick Mattson’s Faith is Like Skydiving is another one of those gateway apologetics books we can always use a few more of; and as before when we review such books, we ask first, “What’s unique about this one?” The answer is hinted at in the title. Mattson has an unusual gift for restating things in analogy as a way to help the reader understand his point. I’m told I have this gift myself, so it’s not an ability I take lightly. 

Beyond that, Mattson’s presentation doesn’t offer anything new; we have a standard roster of essential defense points, including New Testament reliability, intelligent design, and the problem of evil. (I should stress that I don’t say that expecting anything new; there shouldn’t be. As in the New Testament world, lack of newness is not a fault for a gateway book – it’s a sign the author is doing their job.)

So, pick this one up for people you know who can’t get the hang of literal explanations. Mattson is a good writer and he does his homework.

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