Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Guest Review of Aslan's "Zealot"

I always like to give exposure to up and coming apologists, and this time, we have a review of Aslan's Zealot written by Ben Stevens. It's in Word format, on the Tekton site. 



  1. Hello JP, I know you've done some stuff on early christ mythers like john remsberg, but could you address in depth grs mead and bruno bauer? and also (though this request might be too abstract) the effects of the truth or falsity of the Q hypothesis on the christ myth? I would certainly be thankful if you did.

  2. Re Mead.Bauer: I might be able to do so when I revise Shattering the Christ Myth. As for Q, I don't think that by itself has any bearing one way or the other.