Monday, July 1, 2013

Seven Irrefutable Points? Parts 3 and 4

Time for our critic’s third “red flag”...

3)…100% FACT: and these unknown/anonymous/hidden writers blatantly copied each other (or other sources like the alleged Q, L, M documents), virtually word for word in many places …RED FLAG!!!! 

Why exactly this is a “red flag” is not explained. As we have noted in other contexts, the idea of plagiarism did not yet exist, and the materials in documents such as the alleged Q, L, and M would have been considered “community property” that could be freely shared. Beyond that, in the past I engaged a detailed study on the subject and found no reason to hypothesize a “Q” or an “L” or an “M”. The word for word similarities are also right in line with the use of community oral transmission.

But anyway, since there’s no other real argument here…that’s all we can say on this one. So we’ll also do number 4.

4)…100% FACT: and worse yet, these unknown/anonymous/hidden writers wrote scenes impossible to eyewitness (like Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane) …RED FLAG!!!! 

The one example given, however, is fairly awful. None of what is recorded from the Garden scene is beyond what would have been known by the disciples as a group as they were present. The critic no doubt has this naïve idea that every one of the disciples instantly went to sleep the moment Jesus stepped away from the group, and every one of them stayed asleep the same amount of time. And of course, as Glenn Miller has pointed out, the text indicates that Jesus’ prayers got somewhat loud as time progressed.

Nick Peters comments too.

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