Friday, May 31, 2013

Reads for Fun: "Colonel Roosevelt"

This book is the third in a biographical trilogy on Theodore Roosevelt; I reviewed the second earlier, and have not been able to find the first on sale yet. Maybe I will eventually. Meanwhile, we have this one, which covers the period from Roosevelt’s exist from the White House up to his death.

I had been vaguely aware that Roosevelt had tried for a third term under a new party label (the Bull Moose Party) but didn’t know a lot else this revealed. True to his active nature, Roosevelt spent some time immediately after his Presidency on an African safari. He later took a trip down a tributary of the Amazon, in the process suffering some afflictions that nearly killed him.

Something else that nearly killed him was an assassin – a not quite sane man who was apparently normal except when someone was running for a third term as President. He claimed that the ghost of McKinley was compelling him to stop such efforts, so he shot Roosevelt at a campaign stop. Roosevelt survived in good measure because the man happened to shoot him at the pocket where Roosevelt was keeping his speech for the night. The same man later got a little edgy when Franklin Roosevelt tried for a third term, but that time, he was locked up in an asylum and could do nothing about it.

This series is an enjoyable read so far; the books have been thick and satisfying. I’ll definitely snap up Part 1 when I can.

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