Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Thomas Horn and Cris Putnam's Apollo 16 Blunder

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It's time someone put these end times quacks on front street.

To begin, here's a vid I posted yesterday:


The facts here are plain and simple. Horn and Putnam failed miserably to do their research. Their use of this Apollo 16 phenomenon was paranoid nonsense even without the debunking, but as of 2004, it is completely debunked.

I called out Putnam for this error by leaving a comment on his blog. Within 24 hours, that comment was erased. 

Again I am compelled to ask: Why is it that someone this dishonest, someone this incompetent, someone this paranoid, is a member in good standing with organizations like ISCA and the Christian Apologetics Alliance, while a serious scholar like Mike Licona is blacklisted by a group like ISCA and by Norman Geisler?

Why isn't Geisler hot on the spot to tackle Putnam for this sort of recklessness and falsehood?

And more importantly, why do Christians give these quacks any credence?

Actually, I know why. One poster commented on my vid thusly:

i would believe 90% of the worlds population over NASA every day of the year my friend 

It's curious that this bonehead apparently thinks "90% of the world's population" thinks that the Apollo 16 object was a UFO. Or maybe he's saying, "90% believe in UFOs".  How nice. In 50 AD, 99.9% of the Roman Empire would have said Christianity was a deviant collection of bunk. This proves what?

It's time to put these quacks on the spot. Stay tuned.

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  1. I look forward to your additional blog posts on this, it is very needed because there is much deception and false prophets out there. I'm part of the CAA group and I have my own blog, so I'll help you put these quacks on the spot as best as I can :)