Monday, February 11, 2013

What's New, Norm?

I just noted something so hilarious that I thought a second entry today was warranted.

Norman Geisler has an e-book out -- published in 2012 -- titled Beware of Philosophy. It includes a section, "Beware of Historical Criticism" which includes a summary version of the whole Licona/Matt. 27 incident. Nothing new there, but a moment of hilarity is achieved by this opening to the section:

Other evangelical scholars who have bought into the philosophical presuppositions of negative higher criticism have been exposed in an excellent new work by Robert Thomas and David Farnell titled The Jesus Crisis: The Inroads of Historical Criticism into Evangelical Scholarship. 

Uh...wait a minute.

This e-book by Geisler was just put out last year (2012). The Jesus Crisis was put out in 1998. So how can it be a "new work"?

It isn't, of course. What happened here is that Geisler apparently just lifted this portion of the section from a 1998 address he gave in 1998, when Jesus Crisis WAS new. But apparently he has so much (arrogant) confidence in the perpetual authoritativeness of his own words that he didn't even bother to edit his older material carefully.

Now my day's supply of comedy is complete. Thanks, Norm.

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  1. It gets better. The essay in question has the same title. I haven't read the "new" version but I'm betting Norm just added a few sentences about Mike Licona and never bothered checking out the rest of the article for those funny little things called anachronisms. Here is the link to the original:

    The reference to the Jesus crisis is on page 14.

    Only in America!