Monday, December 31, 2012

December 2012 E-Block

We'll close 2012 with a review of the contents of the latest E-Block.

Misreading Exercises: A new series in which I offer commentary on chapters from that excellent book, Misreading Scripture with Western Eyes. As a bonus, I have an Indonesian friend who is adding his own thoughts, filling in a few extra details to round off the text.

Prayer Breakfast in Hell: I was asked to check on a claim that 1 Cor. 10, which speaks of not eating at the table of demons, would forbid participation in interfaith prayer breakfasts. The answer is no -- not unless Zeus is cooking in the kitchen.

Chapter Previews: Direct Application New Testament -- E-Block readers will get sneak previews of 2 chapters from the next Tekton E-Brick. (It would have been one chapter, but Zeus zapped one of my files I planned for another article.)

Countercounterforgery -- first in a two part look at Bart Ehrman's treatment of NT books in his Forgery and Counterforgery.

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