Friday, November 2, 2012

November 2012 E-Block

Here's what's in the latest issue...

The Gospel According to Chick, Part 3 -- up until now, Chick's products looked almost normal. This time we get into some of their really whacked out stuff -- their comic books. Vatican conspiracies, KJV Onlyism, and The Two Babylons. Someone at Chick has sure been smoking something powerful.

Islam Sam and the Tacitus Slam -- A look at a Muslim apologist's response to my material on Tacitus. This guy runs a blog, and his post on this appeared beneath by notice back in February. To give you an idea what to expect -- he still calls me "Turkel".

Near Death Checks, Part 4 -- I got so dsperate this time I actually checked out Betty Eadie. Yep. She comes up with an afterlife that has a lot of Mormonism in it, and some of it also sounds like...a Chick tract story. Ironic!

Gibeon's Complaint -- Is 2 Samuel 21 describing a human sacrifice? I had an e-mailer claim that this was the case, so I looked into it. The answer: No -- it's just an ancient judicial execution.

 Fee Fi Fo Frum! -- Is the John Frum cult a valid analogy for Christ mythers?  The Frum cult is a South Pacific "cargo cult" and I have had a Christ myther claim it provided an analogy for how a person could be invented, as they suppose Jesus was. But as usual, they're wrong.

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