Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Book Snap: Chris Sinkinson's "Christian Confidence"

Chris Sinkinson's Christian Confidence (CC) is one of those unusual "introduction to apologetics" books that breaks the ice by actually discussing what apologetics is, and the philosophy behind it. It's also the most basic book of this type I have ever seen, which is not bad thing: We need to get people into apologetics early, and not even middle school is too early in an age when 13 year olds are getting horrible information off of Wikipedia and YouTube.

As an apologetics introduction, CC also has chapters on a few critical topics: The Resurrection (naturally), archaeology (one of Sinkinson's special interests), NT reliability, and so on. It's somewhere between the level of McDowell and Strobel when it covers those topics. But the bones of apologetics is its main focus: CC has chapters on the history of apologetics, as well as its Biblical basis.

Definitely give this one a shot if you have a middle or high schooler ready to break the ice.


  1. And don't forget "Blowing the Doors Off" by some weirdo named Turkel, or whatever.

  2. I was awfully disappointed with him though when he debated James Croft on Unbelievable saying things like he wouldn't give the verses on the resurrection since James had already heard them.

    His Christainity didn't sound too confident.