Friday, January 13, 2012

December 2011 E-Block

Time for a quick break from the latest debacles to have a look at the newest E-Block -- which I counted as December 2011 because it isn't fair that it was delayed by a kidney stone. :D

The Slave Chains, Part 5 -- We return to this series to a look at another abolitionist piece of the 1800s. This will continue to be relevant as we just saw the release of a new book by Hector Avalos -- the atheist who is still a child evangelist at heart -- apparently claiming that slaveholders really did have the Bible on their side. (I say "apparently" based on comments from those who have read it -- at over $100, I won't be buying it any time soon.) If that is his conclusion, I can see why: As someone who is still actually a fundamentalist, Avalos would share the slaveholders' exegetical assumptions.

Evaluating the Evangelists -- My profile subject this time is Luis Palau. Not a lot of meat on him, but he does make some rather startling historical errors, and he has some questionable associations (like Paul Crouch).

Totally Depraved -- A defense of some of our findings on TULIP. Here I'm answering a critic (whose name will not be used, as a shaming device) who went after my material on total depravity.

Ghosts of End Times Present -- by request, a look at a fellow named Walter Veith. Ever seen those billboards that say not observing a Saturday Sabbath is the mark of the beast? He's one of those guys.

The Puritan Files, Part 1 -- A new series evaluating works of Puritan authors. We start with a by request look at Cotton Mather's essay on war.

The Ticker will return Wednesday after the holiday.

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  1. If you're not naming the person you are trying to shame, doesn't that sort of defeat the purpose of trying to shame him? How can you hold this person up to public scrutiny and ostensible shame if your readers have no idea who he/she is?

    1. @b7e Nope. Biblically that was a major way to shame someone, because it denied them public recognition they craved.

      But, if anyone wants to know who it is they can write me.