Monday, December 5, 2011

November 2011 E-Block

Here's what's featured in the latest issue:

The Musicians' Gambits: This is the last (for now) in a series on popular Christian music groups. This time I had a look at Mandisa -- a "people's choice" who rose to fame via American Idol. I can see why -- her music is just more of the usual "Jesus of pop therapy" stuff we've seen from others.

Evaluating the Evangelists: In this new series, I'll evaluate the written works of major evangelism figures. This time, it's the granddaddy of them all: Billy Graham. I give him positive marks, but I think he's also been awkwardly imposed on to fulfill a role that isn't meant for an evangelist.

Insufficient Data? This is an examination of the idea of the "sufficiency" of Scripture. It's closItalicely akin to sola scriptura and perspicuity -- and subject to same abuses (and refutations of those abuses).

Corporal Punishment Update: A summary of some findings on mutilation texts in the Bible, as evaluated by William Webb in Corporal Punishment in the Bible. It was gratifying to note that Webb offered the same conclusions about the text examined in this article as I did some years ago when a Skeptic raised the same complaints.

Ghosts of End Times Present: Jack van Impe's Eschatological Fruitcake: Yes, one more in this series. It didn't take long to decide that van Impe was on the wackier side of eschatology these days and didn't need much more review.

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  1. What?! There's a new E-block out and I didn't get it, I'm so hurt and confused=(

  2. Email me and we'll see wha hoppened. :P Maybe a spam block at work.

  3. Thanks for the E-block. One thing I really found interesting was your article concerning the sufficiency of scripture. It was disturbing seeing how many of the arguments you refuted were some of the same ones I hear from the mouths of calvinist presuppositonalists like James White. Presuppositionalism certainly has its place in the wider world of apologetics, but I so many Christians confuse presuppositionalism for a form of fideism.

  4. Thanks...the source of those is indeed such a person, but I won't name him because he deserves no attention (and wants it).