Monday, September 26, 2011

What Is Norman Geisler Scared Of?

I had not intended posting today, as I'm at USDA training, but this was important enough that I'm posting it while at lunch from a WiFi location (awesome). Over on the Forge I had noted that Norman Geisler had deleted a link to my challenge. In the past few hours that post received this comment:

That was me who posted the challenge there. A few days later I noticed it was deleted, several of my comments were deleted, and I was banned from posting anymore on the page!

As a result, my respect for Geisler has plummeted significantly. I expected better of him, and I hope the Evangelical community puts enough pressure on him and Mohler to cause them to admit their error and back off from Licona.

But, like you, I'm not holding my breath for these two.

Neither am I. But I'll sure keep the pressure on...and part of that will be this post. There's really no excuse for this kind of thing -- if this is what Geisler does with a challenge from a fellow Christian, then I have to wonder what to make of his responses to others as well.


  1. Do you know if Mike is still on staff with Southern Evangelical Seminary? He isn’t listed on their website or catalog? But I noticed he is still speaking at the conference… ?

  2. He's still on staff... for now. I doubt they will officially state a position until after their national conference on apologetics later this month. Licona, Craig, Habermas, and others (most of whom disagree with Geisler's position on this) are speakers this year, and I wouldn't be surprised if some or all backed out if SES fired Licona. Geisler isn't technically associated with SES anymore, but his opinion no doubt holds a lot of sway. I know Licona has the support of some of the students at SES, but it's the board that will make the decision.

  3. Just got word that he did indeed resign, but it was amicable, and he will be at the conference even so.