Monday, May 16, 2011

April-May 2011 E-Block

Since I put this up just now, that'll be what today's entry is about...the Ticker will be back Friday with that follow up on Burpo's tale.

Popular Preachers Past, Part 4: Oswald's Chamber of Consciousness -- I picked Oswald Chambers for this one, and talk about a dull read! The man needed to learn how to use an outline and stop rambling so much. There's also a pretty strong anti-intellectual component in his work. Definitely not dangerous, but also not recommendable.

Ghosts of End Times Future, Part 1: The One-Egg Dozen -- A new series on the heresy of full preterism. This time: A claim that the millennium lasted only 40 years (!). I'm not naming he lulu who makes this claim because he's one of those types who likes to see his name in print.

The Slave Chains, Part 3 -- A quick look at the anti-slavery work of Albert Barnes. Quick because he had no new arguments, though he very deftly enhanced some older ones.

The ELCA and Homosexuality -- By reader request, a look at a recent document on the subject issued by the Lutheran denomination ELCA. Nothing new here either -- just a lot of politically correct emotionalism.

Is Thom a Moral Misfit? Part 1 -- First in series on Thom Stark's critique of Paul Copan's Is God a Moral Monster? I don't always go with Copan's argument, but Stark is his usual clumsy, anachronistic self and even worse so far; you'd think you were reading a New Atheist rant half the time. It's also obvious that his editors were/are doing him some big favors in his earlier book -- when not edited well, he sometimes rambles like, er...Oswald Chambers.

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