Monday, March 21, 2011

Book Snap: John Blanchard's "Whatever Happened to Hell?"

The latest book I checked out for the next Building Blocks project, Blanchard’s Whatever Happened to Hell?, only had two chapters on my key subject, the nature of hell – and Blanchard didn’t really commit to specifics (he declined to comment on the “temperature of hell”) other than to say he thinks “pain and suffering is involved. He does indicate that sources like Dante are not a reliable guide, and is not against metaphorical readings, but does maintain that the metaphor points to something worse than what would be literally portrayed.

He also goes further than some writers in making specific light of the “shame and contempt” associated with hell, especially in Dan. 12:2. However, he does not connect that shame to the fire and darkness imagery, as I do.

I also checked out some relevant stuff in Four Views on Hell, but that ended up being good for an E-Block article, so I will talk about it there.
I’ll have another book review tomorrow, but on a different topic!


  1. Here's a book I hope you will consider reviewing: The Biblical Case for Everyone Going to Heaven (

  2. Is it available in print? I really hate reading stuff online. :P

  3. JPH,

    You really fly through books! Maybe you could give us some tips for better reading...or is it just down to practice?


  4. You might want to look at the author's name and the name you posted. John vs Gary.

  5. Both. But in this case, it also helps that I only needed to read two chapters. The rest I had read before years ago.

  6. @Glenn Thanks. No idea where THAT came from!