Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Problem? What Problem?

I’ve just submitted a paper proposal for the annual ISCA (International Society of Christian Apologetics) meeting to be held the weekend of April 29-30 in Raleigh, NC (see link below). It may or may not get a spot, but I’ve put my abstract below; it’s based on another article on mine (link below). Nick Peters plans to be there, too, and Paul Copan and Bruce Little will be featured speakers. The topic for this round is the problem of evil.

Here's my paper proposal...don't be stealin' it, now, or Cap'n Kirk will getcha!

God’s Prime Directive

The Star Trek television series features a concept called the “Prime Directive” in which members of Starfleet – the human race as space explorers – are forbidden to interfere in the development of cultures that have not yet reached a certain level of technology. Discussion of the virtues of the Prime Directive by fans of Star Trek offer some useful parallels to discussions over why God does not step in and immediately solve the problem of evil. It is clear that under certain circumstances, even secular humanists like Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry regarded non-interference by more powerful forces as a virtue – even when those powerful forces had the means to put a stop to evil and suffering.


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  1. This should resonate well with Dr. Little, as it sounds a lot like his "Creation Order Theodicy."