Wednesday, December 29, 2010

December 2010 E-Block

Hey, here’s an idea. When I issue a new E-Block, I’ll do a post telling about the contents. Isn’t that what having a multimedia empire is all about? (Guffaw.)

Anyway, the December 2010 issue was put out yesterday…here’s what we have:

The fourth in what I call the Emergent Gurus series. This time we have a look at a fellow named Doug Pagitt. I’ve never seen anything by him before now, but I didn’t miss much. He’s just like Brian McLaren, but with less documentation. (And McLaren had little enough of that as is.)

A profile of the Quakers. A reader requested a look at this group a while back. Did I find anything unusual? No, not really – nothing you won’t find that’s “out of order” elsewhere in the orthodox church.

Except that they use oatmeal cookies in communion.

No, just kidding there.

A look at A Course in Miracles. This supposedly “dictated” 1000+ page manual was all the rage some years back, and a reader requested a look at it. Substancewise, it could have done with about 995 of those pages and been just as useful. The rest of it might as well have had Eckhart Tolle’s name on it.

The sixth in what I call the Ghosts of End Times Past series, in which we look at past promoters of various end times theories. The subject this time is a fellow name Bob Fraley, whose sees America all over Biblical prophecy, in a most wild way. How wild? Try this: The “deadly wound that had healed” on the head of the beast in Revelation is: The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Yep. Wait til you see what the “false prophet” is…

Last: The Christian Inmates Myth. Ever had someone throw at you the claim, “Most of the people in prison are professing Christians”? On this one, I draw on my research and my experience as a former prison employee to dispel that myth. (A reader of the E-Block also wanted to share a similar study he did in his home country of New Zealand; see link below.)

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The reader’s study on New Zealand prisons is here.

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