Friday, October 1, 2010

Tale of the Ticker

For a long time I resisted blogging as something demanding daily time and commitment that made it not worth while – something that would compromise the quality of work Tekton did on other fronts.

Then it occurred to me…

I was already doing work that could be transplanted to a blog, every day. So why not?

It’s more complex than that as well. It’s clear that blogs are the way to reach people today in a way they want to be reached : The various technologies associated with them (eg, RSS feeds)allow for that sense of daily connection a lot of people want with their information sources.

So it came down to striking that balance between connectivity and quality (again). The Tekton Ticker is the result of that.

The Ticker will be of a moderately serious bent. I’ll use it for book reviews from now on, as well as dealing with any other issues of substance. (I started a different blog to accommodate those who like Tekton’s “old school” style – that’s the Tekton Forge.) That means trolling won’t get a grip in the comments section, though if the trolls stop by, I may transplant comments to the Forge and deal with them there. I’ll also use the Ticker to announce new projects in some detail and tell of other ministry news.

In other words, those who stop by just to be profane, or those in the atheist camp who rattle on endlessly and have nothing better to do with their time than bring up stale objections that have been repeatedly answered – you know who you are -- expect to have your comments deleted without any further consideration. In other words as well, if you’re an atheist or critic who is not engaging the way Kyle Gerkin is – see you around, eh?

Comments are not activated for now, but will be once I start posting in earnest on October 20 or maybe 1-2 days earlier. In the meantime, feel free to sign on…and prepare for the new era in Tekton’s outreach.

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